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7 Subtle Ways To Tell Him I Want A Ring

I want a ring – is a phrase that pops into every woman’s mind when she has been in a serious relationship for some time. And although she might not say it aloud, she may start to drop subtle hints. Are you at this point in your relationship? You want your significant other to propose, but you don’t want come right out and tell them?


Are you looking for clever proposal tips for guys? A way to drop hints causally so he’ll get the clue and run right out to buy a ring? Maybe the two of you have even talked about marriage and you have the ring you want in mind. Now you just need a way to let him know!

Not all guys have a clue as how to propose. Most men by nature are not romantics at heart, so they might need a little help. However, if you have only been dating for a few months or are not sure if he is on the same page, we don’t recommend dropping hints about engagement rings just yet. You certainly don’t want to scare him off. Only start to hint for a ring if marriage is something you both want.

Here are some crafty and some “not so subtle” tips on how to get him to pop the question!

Subtle Ways to Say “I Want A Ring.”

  1. Leave a picture of the ring where he can see it

If you have a certain ring in mind, or even a certain style of ring in mind, you can leave copies of bridal magazines lying around. They just happen to be “open” to the page of the engagement ring of your dreams. You can even be as bold as to circle your preferred ring.

Better yet, put a picture of the ring on the fridge. That’s one place he won’t miss it, right? Or slip it in his briefcase or leave it on the seat of his car. If you pack his lunch, slip a photo of the ring in his lunch bag. Leave a copy of the photo on the mirror in the bathroom. There are plenty of places you can innocently leave a picture of your dream ring where your man can see it!

If you both have Pinterest, you can start pinning engagement rings. Also, you can start posting pictures of rings on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

  1. Shop for rings together

This of course works best if you have discussed marriage. You plan a day to go ring shopping. This way you can give him an idea of exactly the style of ring you want. However, if you haven’t actually discussed marriage, but you have both hinted at the idea. You can simply wander into a jewelry store the next time you’re out shopping together and casually drop hints about which rings you like the best.

  1. Look at rings online

If you are sitting together browsing online, you can bring up different bridal site or jewelry sites and show him pictures of rings that you have been admiring. Also,  you can pull up a pic of the ring you want and leave it open on his computer, tablet or mobile device.

If you are feeling especially bold, you can email, IM or text him a photo. Or better yet, set it as the background on his media devices. He’ll definitely get the hint!

  1. Have a trusted friend/family member help him out

Have your bestie show him photos of the ring you like. Or if you are tight with his best friend or a family member, have them show the pictures of the ring that you like most.

If you have discussed marriage and he is in fact going ring shopping, have someone accompany him who has an idea as to what style ring you are after.

  1. Show him your taste in jewellery

If you have a certain style for rings, bracelets and the like, start showing it off to your significant other. If you prefer white gold or platinum, tell him why. Also, if you have a favorite cut, let him know that as well. If he has a basic idea of your personal preferences, it will make ring shopping much easier when the time comes.

  1. Talk about your friend’s engagement rings

If you have any friends that have recently gotten engaged, you can say something along the lines of “Hey, did you see Sally’s ring? I really love the princess diamond and the white gold setting.” Or “I’m happy for Melanie, but I would rather have a platinum ring.” That plants the idea in his head for when he is ready to start shopping for engagement rings.

  1. Design your own ring

Designing your own ring has become a popular trend among brides-to-be. You can choose the metal, cut and stone you prefer and have it designed to fit your personal tastes. It is definitely one way to ensure that your ring is unique. There are plenty of online sites to design your own engagement ring and most jewelry stores have the option as well. Perhaps the two of you can even design the ring together, which makes it twice as meaningful!

So there you are! Seven “subtle” ways to tell your man “I want a ring!” Remember not to pressure him too much, or start dropping hints unless you are sure that he is ready for marriage as well. We hope our helpful suggestions on how to get him to pop the question work in your favor!