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The Different Ways to Tell The Difference Between Real vs Fake Diamonds

With such a big investment at stake when buying a diamond, knowing the difference between a real vs fake diamond is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t want to find yourself at the wrong end of a deal with thousands of dollars out of your pocket, and a completely worthless fake diamond in your hand. You’ll need to have a good idea of how to identify the key differences between a real and fake diamond to guarantee that whatever you spend your money on, is the real deal. Here are some helpful tips to do just that.


Methods to Spot a Real vs Fake Diamond

Expert or not, there are a few ways to quickly spot fake diamonds against a real one. The key is knowing exactly what you’re looking for.


Use a Blacklight

Most diamonds (but not all), when exposed to black light, will reflect a blue color. It might be a strong dark blue reflection, or a light, barely noticeable one. But as long as it’s blue, the diamond is real. Fake stones would often reflect other colors such as grey or yellow.


Drop it in a Glass of Water

The way a diamond is formed, and the reason why it can literally last beyond lifetimes, is that it is significantly dense. If you drop a piece of diamond jewelry into a glass of water, it’ll immediately sink to the bottom. If it takes its time to sink, gets stuck midway down the glass, or floats entirely at the surface of the water, then this is a fake diamond.


Use Your Breath

This is a common way of identifying the difference between real vs. fake diamonds. When you breathe on to glass, your warm breath will often condense against the cold glass surface. This condensation doesn’t easily happen on a real diamond. If a diamond is fake, when you breathe on it, it’ll fog up and stay that way for a while.


Look For Flaws

Real diamonds are formed naturally, and thus, they are often imperfect. Only the significantly expensive diamonds, because of how rare they are, are close to perfect when viewed under a magnifying glass. On the other hand, if a diamond is relatively affordable, and you find that it has a few flaws when you look at it through a magnifying glass, it’s most likely real (hence why it’s affordable).

Additional Tip- Be aware of clarity enhanced diamonds. These are real, earth-mined diamonds, but their flaws have been filled-up and have become close to undetectable by the naked eye.

Look For What’s Engraved

If you happen to be confirming the legitimacy of a diamond that’s already set on a band, then it’s time to search for what’s engraved on that ring. A real diamond will be set on precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. Look for the engravings of gold (10k, 14k, & 18k), platinum (PLAT or PT), or silver (these are three-digit numbers). Anything else may mean you have a fake piece of jewelry in front of you.


Heat it Up

Real diamonds can withstand any sudden rise or drop in temperature. A good trick to expose the real vs fake diamonds is by heating it up and dropping it in cold water. Have a glass of cold water ready. Use tongs to heat up your diamond over a stove fire or candle. When you think it’s hot enough, drop it in your glass of cold water. Nothing will happen to a real diamond. If it shatters, it’s a fake one.

Look For Certification and Validate This

With so many fake diamond jewelry popping up all over the world, jewelry companies guarantee that their real diamonds are certified to confirm their legitimacy. Look for diamond certification and validate this.


Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia – What Is The Difference?

Cubic Zirconia is a common material used to make fake diamonds. It is worth next to nothing, and can easily be mistaken as a real diamond from a first glance. One effective way of identifying real vs fake diamonds is by checking the stone under natural light. A stone made of cubic zirconia will reflect different colors. A real diamond in sunlight reflects a white-colored light.

         Identifying the difference between real vs fake diamonds is quite straight forward. But many of these tips can’t be done at a shop. The best way to avoid ever buying fake diamonds is by shopping directly at diamond jewelry stores. If you’re hoping to cut down on the cost for an engagement ring, look for jewelry stores that cater to providing affordable jewelry. For example, offers a great collection of affordable engagement rings for women made with real diamonds. You don’t have to worry about buying a fake diamond if you buy from established jewelry shops.