How To Care For Ring After He Pops The Question

Very important questions after your engagement will be: ” How to care for ring?” .  How to do so that it will always sparkle and shine like new. This is especially important if the ring is already a treasured family heirloom. Or if you want to pass the ring to your son or daughter one day!


Would you like to know how to take care of engagement ring? We have asked professional jewelers on the best advice on how to care for your engagement ring.

There are some very simple things you can do for engagement ring maintenance. Be sure to follow our helpful advice and you will be able to cherish your engagement ring for years to come!

5 Tips On How To Care For Ring After Proposal

  1. Have Your Engagement Ring Insured

The first that you can do to care for your ring is to insure it by a reputable insurance company. Chances are your engagement ring is most likely the first piece of jewelry that you will be wearing every day. And you want to make sure it is properly insured. Even if you are overly protective and extremely cautious of your ring, accidents still happen. However, a good insurance policy can ease the burden if something were to happen to your ring.

You want to make sure that you cover all the bases. This includes travel insurance, especially if you are traveling for your honeymoon, as well as theft or damage or lost as a result of a flood, fire or other natural disaster or accident.

Of course, nothing can make up for the sentimental and emotional loss of your engagement ring. However, if you take the time to have it appraised by a professional jeweler and purchase quality insurance, you will have peace of mind in the unfortunate event. Take the time to research different jewelers and insurance companies before making the final decision to make sure that you are getting the best price and the best coverage for your engagement ring.

  1. Have It Sized Properly

As soon as you get the ring, you should see your jeweler to make sure that your ring is the proper fit so you will not be in danger of it slipping off your finger. If it feels too tight or lose, you should have it resized as soon as possible. Also, if it’s too tight or loose, we don’t recommend wearing it until you have it property fitted. You don’t want to risk losing your ring right after you said yes!

By the same token, you should not have it resized more than once. You might be tempted to have the ring resized if you get pregnant and your fingers swell, as they often do during pregnancy. If you resize your ring more than once, it can weaken the band, therefore permanently damaging your beautiful engagement ring. It might be best to not wear the ring while your fingers are swollen. Remember, it’s only temporary and you can go back to wearing your ring in a few months.

  1. Have Your Ring Appraised Regularly

As the price of diamonds and precious metals like gold and platinum often fluctuate, you should have your ring appraised as this will then affect the insurance policy. Take your engagement ring to a reputable jeweler every few years to have it appraised.

  1. Clean Your Ring Properly

Many of the experts recommend that you should have your engagement ring cleaned regularly by your jeweler, at least twice a year. As well, you can then have it inspected for loose stones. However, you can clean it a home with a mild dish soap, (such as Dawn liquid dish detergent). Or warm water (never hot), and a soft bristle brush (such as a baby toothbrush used only to clean ring). Never use harsh cleaners to clean your ring as this can only damage it.

Soak the ring for a few minutes in just a drop or two of mild dish detergent and warm water and then gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush. Next, rinse it with clean, warm water and dry it with a clean soft cloth. Also, (and this is extremely important) never clean your ring over a sink or open drain!

  1. Store It Properly

If it was your first engagement, you are probably thinking that you will never take off your engagement ring. However, you should take it off when you are using harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, doing dishes, laundry or any other household chores that might cause unnecessary wear and tear on your ring.

However, we do not recommend taking your ring off in public. You might forget that you have taken it off and then risk losing it. As tempting as it might be to take it off in a public restroom while washing your hands, the risk of it falling down the drain or someone taking your ring from the counter might be too tempting. If you need to take it off during hand washing, you should carry a ring case in your purse and put the ring in the case while washing your hands (back in your purse, on your person, not sitting on the counter where someone could take it).

At home, you should have a designated safe place to store your engagement ring whenever you are not wearing it. We recommend a fabric lined ring box or jewelry case with separate compartments where it will not touch other jewelry. As well, you should have a safe place to store your rig while cooking, doing dishes and the like such as a ring holder somewhere in your kitchen so you don’t accidentally lose your ring while kneading dough or washing the dinner dishes.

Keep this advice on how to care for your engagement ring in mind and you and your ring will be fine! And congratulation on your happy moment!