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5 Tips On How To Get Him To Propose

Are you wondering how to get him to propose? The two of you have been together for a long time now and things are pretty serious. You may have even discussed the prospect of marriage, but he has yet to officially ask you to marry him. How can you subtly get him to propose without giving him an ultimatum?


Are you wracking your brain thinking of how to get your boyfriend to propose? Don’t worry ladies, it can be done! There are ways to drop hints that you are ready for marriage without scaring him off!

Marriage proposals are a big deal for men. They want to make sure that they are ready before proposing marriage. As well, they want to know that you are on the same page. And remember, they are only human, so they are probably nervous as well!

We have gathered some expert advice on ways to get him to pop the question. Just follow the advice below and soon he’ll be on his knees!

How To Get Him To Propose

  1. Drop Subtle Hints

He might be on the verge of proposing, but maybe he’s not sure that you’re on the same page. Or he’s afraid you’ll say no. Fear of rejection is a big deal for men. You might simply need to give him a sign that you’re ready to take the next step.

Start dropping hints about marriage into your everyday conversations.  Talk about a friend or family member that are married. Then steer the conversation toward your own ideas for your wedding and marriage in general. Mention where you’d like to get married and where you would like to go for your honeymoon. Ask him what his ideas are for your future other. Put on one of your favorite love songs and tell him that you think it would make the perfect wedding song and ask him what he thinks. There are literally dozens of ways to work marriage and weddings into a conversation without coming right out and telling him he has to propose to you or else!

  1. But Don’t Overwhelm Him With Wedding Talk

There’s a difference between dropping a subtle hint and bombarding the poor boy with talk of weddings. Let him know that marriage is on your mind but don’t talk about it incessantly or you may scare him off. He doesn’t need to see your Wedding boards on Pinterest or look at that wedding scrapbook you started making in high school. Drop a few subtle hints and then let it be.

  1. Leave Out Pictures Of Engagement Rings

Believe it or not, what trips a guy up the most about proposing is that he is nervous about shopping for engagement rings. Most men have no idea about expensive jewelry and have no clue how to get started. He might be ready to propose but wants to wait until he has the ring. However, he has absolutely no idea he is doing!

You can make this process much easier for him but giving him some ideas as to what type of engagement ring you would like. Send him a picture of your favorite ring or the link to your Pinterest (if you happen to have a board of wedding stuff, as do most girls). Or if you have a friend that just got engaged, you can talk about her ring and what you like and/or dislike about it and then drop hints about the kind of ring you would like. You can even cut out picture from magazine and leave them lying around where he can see them. This will take a lot of pressure of him as knowing your style and preference will make ring shopping that much easier for him. And if he wasn’t already thinking about proposing, he will surely get the hint if you start talking about rings. Again, be subtle and don’t pressure him or out’ll scare him off.

  1. Spend Time With Married Friends

Make plans for the two of you to spend some quality time with your married friends. This will show him that marriage is a positive thing and he will start to envision a life with you. However, make sure that you spend time with such couples who are in a happy and committed marriage. You don’t want to hang out with couples that are having problems as this will have the opposite effect. You are trying to show him that being married is a good thing!

  1. Show Him You Have A Life Without Him

We’re not saying that you totally pull away from your boyfriend so that he’ll think you want to break up, but you want to give him a gentle reminder that you had a life before him. Start to plan more Girls Nights with your friends. Talk openly about your future and see if he wants to be in your plans. Maybe even mention moving away and see how he reacts. If he seems indifferent, then he’s obviously not ready to make a commitment, but if he panics at the thought of losing you, it might give him just the push he needs to pop the question.

If you take any of these steps, or an even a combination, you’ll man will be sure to get the hint. Remember to not pressure him too much or it could backfire. However, if you use your feminine intuition and wiles and play your cards right, out could have your ring sooner that you think! So go out there and get him, girls!