Tips On How To Know Ring Size For Your Betrothed

How to know ring size of your future fiancé is probably one of the most asked questions amongst men. The last thing you want to do is arouse her suspicions by asking her what size ring she wears on her ring finger! You want her to be completely blown away and swept off her feet in the magic of the moment.


And of course, you need to know how to find out your ring size as soon you will be picking out wedding rings. Luckily, you can solve this dilemma without her catching on!

So how do you find out her ring size without asking her? That’s a good question! And luckily, we have some answers. From using your intuition to some online investigation, there are several ways you can estimate the ring size of your soon-to-be betrothed. Here is a helpful guide on how to figure out both your ring size without her being none-the-wiser!

Tips on How To Know Ring Size When Shopping For Engagement Rings

  1. Ask Her Friends/Family

Chances are her mother or one of her girlfriends might actually already know your girlfriend’s ring size. Women do talk about these things. Perhaps someone in her family has bought her a ring previously or she and her best girlfriend have gone jewelry shopping together. It can’t hurt to ask.

If they don’t know, you can have them ask your girlfriend for you in a totally innocent way. Have them bring it up in a conversation about jewelry. Or have them compliment a ring she is currently wearing and ask what size it is. If they just randomly blurt it out, she might catch on, but women are clever and can think of a way to work it into the flow of a conversation.

  1. Use One Of Her Rings

If you can causally “borrow” one of her rings without her noticing, you can take it to a jeweler to have it professional sized. We suggest borrowing a ring that she doesn’t wear every day and won’t notice if goes temporarily “missing” for a day or even a few hours. You don’t want her to either catch on or panic thinking that she has either lost one of her rings or even worse, suspect that it was stolen!

If you can’t borrow a ring long enough to get it to jewelry store without her noticing you can always use a ring sizer to size it yourself. You can purchase one online or at a jewelry store. Worst case scenario, you can trace her ring on a sheet of paper with a pencil and use that to get an approximate ring size.

  1. Measure Her Finger While She’s Asleep

This one’s a bit tricky, but if your girlfriend is a sound sleeper, it can actually work. Use a string or slip of paper to measure the ring finger on her left hand while she is fast asleep. Then use a ring sizer or take it to a jeweler to get a close approximation. If anything, this will make a great anecdote when you share your engagement story with family and friends!

  1. Go On A Shopping Trip

Girls love to shop, it’s part of our nature. Suggest a shopping trip somewhere fun like a thrift store, flea market or festival where you know for sure that they will have a jewelry display. Try on gaudy costume jewelry for a laugh while slyly paying attention to what size ring she is trying on. Maybe even buy her some custom jewelry, ring include. One of the best ways how to find out your ring size is to actually try on rings, right? It’s a sure-fire way to find out her true ring size without actually looking at engagement rings!

  1. Get Crafty

We’re talking actual arts and crafts! Most women love to craft so why not suggest that a Craft Night? You can buy some beads and make jewelry together. Work on a matching bracelet, necklace, ring ensemble and then take size the ring when she’s not looking. Maybe you can even ask her about her ring size while you are beading together.

  1. Work It Subtly Into A Conversation

You can always tell her that you are going to by a ring for your sister or mother and asks her ring size saying that you think their ring size is similar to hers.

  1. Just Ask Her

This option works best if you have already discussed marriage. And she has an idea that you are planning to pop the question. Don’t worry though, she doesn’t know how or when you will ask! You still have the upper hand when it comes to the element of surprise! And this might also work to your advantage. As she might even give you some hints as to what type of ring she would like. It can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Don’t panic if the size is off. It’s always better to overestimate ago a size bigger than it’s easier to size down a ring than to add to it. But you can always have the ring resized if it’s not a perfect fit! A lot of jewelers have the option for free resizing when you purchase an engagement ring!

We hope our helpful tips on how to know ring size without letting on that you are engagement ring shopping will help out! Now get going and buy that ring!