Mythological Rings: Common Engagement Rings Misconceptions

Mythological rings? Are the common myths about engagement ring? You betcha!

There is a lot of traditional and ceremony concerning engagement rings, however there are just as many engagement ring myths.  From the history of engagement rings to the traditional method of proposing, there are many misconceptions as to the exact history and etiquette behind the entire engagement process.


Stick around, we’re about to dispel some of the rumors and point out the truth about engagement rings!

Mythological Rings: Engagement Rings Myths Versus The Truth About Engagement Rings

  1. Bigger Is Better

Size doesn’t always matter, especially when it comes to diamonds. Carat is only one of the 4 C’s of diamonds. However, there is also color, cut and clarity, which actually can have more effect on the worth of the diamond. Statistically, more women care about the clarity and color of the diamond than the size. Only about 10% of women are concerned with the size of the diamond.

  1. There Has To Be An Element Of Surprise

Traditionally, the presentation of the engagement ring and proposal are supposed to occur simultaneously. This does not have to be the case. Sure, a planned, secret proposal is super magical and romantic, but this is not the rule of thumb.

Today, a lot of couples discuss the concept of marriage before the actual proposal. And a lot of modern couples shop for the engagement ring together. Sure, this might take away from the traditional “surprise” proposal. But it doesn’t mean it has to be any less romantic. What if you were swept away by the moment and proposed today spontaneous and didn’t have a ring? Unplanned proposal can be just as meaningful and romantic as well-thought-out and planned proposal.

And shopping for rings as a couple can be extremely romantic. You can make it a special event, an entire day even. Rent a horse and buggy to take you the jewelry store. Take her out to a romantic dinner; Make the shopping for rings just as romantic as you would a surprise proposal.

Plus, if you shop together you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong ring for your finance. She can choose the cut, stone and style of ring herself. This takes a lot of pressure from you and can make the moment even more special. Just because you will always remember how you found the ring together.

  1. You Have To Spend Two Months’ Salary

This is an older theory that states that you must spend as much as you earn in two months on your ring purchase. This is very outdated, and quite frankly, not very realistic. You should spend what you can realistically afford. You have to factor in other expenses into your budget, such as your wedding costs (tux, grooms gifts, honeymoon and so forth) and your future as a married. Some women would rather have a home and a stable future than an expensive and bigger and more costly engagement ring! Don’t get yourself in debt!

  1. You Have To Shop At A Jewelry Store

More and more people are buying engagement rings online than in retail jewelers. You can save a lot of money as you won’t have to pay for overhaul and such. As well, out can also consider used or second-hand engagement rings. Or perhaps a family heirloom ring? Yet another point is to look for vintage or antique engagement rings online or in thrift stores, antique stores, consignment shops and the like. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars at your local jewelry store to find the perfect engagement ring.

  1. Yellow Gold Is Outdated

Today, platinum engagement rings are the ring of choice. However, do not discount other precious metals. At one time, yellow gold was the most popular choice for engagement rings. And just because it’s considered “outdated” by the norm, does not mean you totally have to dismiss it as an option. Vintage jewelry is also very popular at the moment and yellow gold is considered vintage and classy. And most importantly, it’s about what your fiancé wants. And is she prefers yellow gold over white gold or platinum, and then by all means, buy her the yellow gold engagement ring!

  1. It Has To Be A Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement rings have been around for centuries, have, diamonds have only been the gemstone choice for engagement rings since the 19th century, thanks to a clever marketing campaign by the De Beers family. And yes, diamonds are gorgeous and valuable. But they are not the rule. Modern brides are opting for other gems such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies and opals in place of a diamond ring. Some women are even choosing a fancy band sans the gemstone in lieu of a “traditional” diamond engagement ring. Again, it is about what your fiancé wants! She’s the one you’re spending the rest of your life with so you need to shop according to her preference, not what society says you should buy!

  1. Engagement Rings Are Only For Women

As there are more and more same sex couples today, the old adage that only women care wear engagement rings is now passé. As well, in many modern heterosexual couples, women are breaking the traditional “rules” and popping the question so the male is wearing the engagement ring. And other couples chose to both wear an engagement ring as a sign of their commitment and a symbol that they are “off the market.”

So there you have it! We hope we have cleared the air and solved some of the common myths and misconceptions regarding traditions, proposals and engagement rings! Remember, the only thing that matters is that you have found your soul mate and you are going to be starting a new life together as a married couple!