When To Take Off Engagement Ring

When to take off engagement ring is a question you are probably asking yourself now! Of course, you want to wear your gorgeous engagement ring every moment of every day. But there are times you should take it off so you don’t risk losing it or damaging the stone.


Of course, you need to know how to properly care for an engagement ring. This includes regular cleaning and proper maintenance. We can give you some tips on proper ring care.

And exactly how are you supposed to wear your wedding rings? We are sure that you have a dozen questions about how to handle your engagement ring! Relax, we have prepared some tips on properly care for your beautiful engagement ring!

  1. Swimming

Anytime you are swimming, whether it is a pool, lake, ocean or even soaking in the tub, you should remove your ring. There is too much danger of losing the ring in the water, where you would never be able to retrieve it. Also, chlorine and other harsh chemicals in pools could discolor a platinum or gold ring. As well, salt water creates a thick film on diamonds and other gemstones that can damage the stone. Salt water and chlorine also cause your fingers to shrink and shrivel and your ring could easily slip off your finger unnoticed.

  1. Working Out or Playing Sports

You should remove your engagement ring before working out, hitting the gym, weight lifting or playing any contact sports. It is okay to wear your ring while walking or jogging, but wearing your ring during any activity in which you could be vigorously is not a good idea. Also, you should never wear your ring while lifting weights or playing contact sports. Because the stone could get scratched, dented, chipped or even fall out.

  1. At The Beach

We already advised you not to wear your ring in the ocean, but what about if you are just going to be laying out on the beach? To be safe, you should just leave your ring safely at home or in your hotel safe if you are going to the beach. Not only could you lose it in the ocean, but it could slide off when applying sunscreen. It can’t be much fun digging around in the hot sun for a missing diamond ring! As well, sand can get caught in the diamond or ring setting and cause scratches.

  1. While Applying Lotions & Creams

While lotions, creams and moisturizers are great for your skin, they can damage your ring as excess buildup can cause the ring to lose its shine, as well as the stone. You should remove your ring before applying lotions and then allow your hands to dry completely before putting your ring on again.

This also applies to makeup, hairspray and perfumes. This too can cause excessive build-up which can cause your ring to lose its luster over time.

  1. While Cleaning Or Doing Dishes

Bleach, ammonia and other abrasive cleaning products can cause serious damage to both your stone and the setting so you should definitely remove your ring before any cleaning. You could also band your ring on counters and other hard surfaces and risk damaging the stone. As well, you should remove your ring before washing dishes as it could easily fall down the drain.

  1. When Showering Or Bathing

Akin to sunscreen, lotions and the like, soap, body wash, shampoos and conditioner are also a no-go when it comes to engagement rings. They could not only cause heavy build up, but your ring could slide off while you are washing slide down the drain. It is best to remove your ring before taking a shower or bath.

  1. At Bedtime

You should remove your ring before bedtime, or napping. First off all, you could scratch yourself with your stone or prongs while sleeping or you could bang it against something while sleeping. Also, if you sleep with your hand on your heads, it can cause the ring to reshape, which then loosens the stones. You can put your ring in a jewelry box or a ring holder on your nightstand whenever you are sleeping.


How To Care For Engagement Ring

Here are some simple tips on how to care for your engagement ring

  1. Clean it regularly (directions vary per stone and precious metal)
  2. Have your ring inspected and appraised annually.
  3. Have your ring insured.
  4. Remove it according to the aforementioned guidelines
  5. Never remove your ring in public.
  6. Always store it in a safe place.


How Are You Supposed To Wear Your Engagement Ring After Your Wedding?

This is totally up to you but here are some of the most common ways to wear your engagement ring once you are married.

  • If you have a bridal ring set, you should have it soldered together before your wedding. You would then wear the ring set on your left ring finger.
  • Both rings on your left ring finger, wedding band on the bottom so it will be close to your heart as is the tradition.
  • Also, both rings on the same hand, wedding ring on ring finger, engagement ring on another finger
  • Engagement ring on right-hand ring finger, wedding ring in fourth finger left hand
  • Both on the same hand, wedding ring on top.

We hope that you have found our engagement ring guide to be helpful! And we want your engagement ring to last for years! We are sure that you will have a gorgeous wedding and a blissful marriage! Congratulations!